Why Bulk SMS Service is important for any Marketing Campaign – Top 9 Reasons

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Why Bulk SMS Service is important for any Marketing Campaign – Top 9 Reasons

Now a day’s Bulk SMS service has become an essential marketing tool, which is used by many business organizations to spread a large number of messages among the consumer market in a short period, for the promotion of their product and services. Bulk SMS Services is the best way to increase the business sale or to launch a Marketing campaign successfully and efficiently. Here I will bestow you some reasons to use bulk SMS services in your marketing campaign effectively.

Why is Bulk SMS Service Imperative?

In India, Smartphone users are increasing day by day. If we take the growth rate of Smartphone users, it is great, approximately 600 million users. According to the data online more than 95% text messages on cell phones are actually opened and read by the users and the finest part is that most of the messages are read immediately in just a few minutes of sending. There is no doubt to say that bulk SMS services provide help to businesses to connect with these huge spectators. It is cost-effective strategy and can be easily incorporated into your accessible marketing processes. It is an easy technique and you can track the performance of your audience. With the help of Bulk SMS Services, you can achieve your target audiences directly and can produce more sales of any product or service.

Top 9 Reasons to Use Bulk SMS Services-

1. Swift & Reliable

Bulk SMS service requires an internet connection, a system to send SMS messages. With the help of this service very swiftly, you can send the messages to a large number of peoples within short time and you will start getting responses in just a couple of minutes.

2. Maximum ROI & minimum Cost

The cost of sending SMS messages is very low as compared to another marketing strategy such as E-mail Marketing. So with a much lesser budget, your messages reach to your target spectators and with the help of bulk SMS, you can earn a better ROI.

3. Highly Targeted

With the help of bulk SMS, you can send the targeted messages. You can personalize messages to each group of people, which is very effective in any marketing crusade.

4. Elevated Open Rate

As per the internet data, mobile phone users are increasing day by day more than 90% of SMS messages are opened and interpret in just a couple of minutes of sending. Therefore, the Bulk SMS gives the best and swift open rate as compared to any other marketing strategy.

5. Consumer Appreciation

Bulk SMS Services example can be seen in the field of E-Commerce or in the banking sector. Customer appreciates if their brands/services send the text messages according to their requirement, it could be informational or update on their service or may be any proposal and promotion message.

6. No SPAM Filters

There are no such filters like SPAM or any other filters, so you can be sure that your SMS message reached to your target audience in a predetermined time. With Bulk SMS, you can send the promotional messages to any non-DND numbers in India according to the guidelines of TRAI.

7. Higher exchange Rate

It has higher conversion as well as high engagement rate compared to other marketing media. According to the internet data, Coupons sent via text messages are redeemed 10-15% more than another type of coupon codes. This can be due to less number of SMS messages being received.

8. SMS via E-Mail

Bulk SMS is a very effectual strategy, according to the facts on the internet, we usually obtain 140-150 text messages in a month and most of the messages are sent by our relatives and friends, but we get more than 1000 emails on an average and maximum are SPAM out of them. Hence, there is a less chance of Bulk SMS service that your message will be gone astray in the flood of messages.

9. Buyer Retention

With the help of Bulk SMS Marketing, an organization can send the personalize offers to the existing or ex-clients to keep them. According to the facts, personal communication with your clients or ex-clients can assist them to feel special and hence it definitely has an impact.

We know that mobile phone users are increasing day by day due to the tremendous benefits of these mobile phones. It gives an opportunity to the business organization to market their product/services effectively. With the growing mobile users, organizations can reach their target audience easily and can generate more deals by using Bulk SMS Service. That’s why Bulk SMS Service has become important to enhance the profit as well as the goodwill of any business venture.