What is bulk SMS Reselling? What are the advantages of reselling?

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What is bulk SMS Reselling? What are the advantages of reselling?

Thesmsworld.com is giving you the opportunity to resell the SMS make the costumer and earn profit. This will help to resell the SMS credit to their customers. The reseller have many clients and it is up to them hoe they wanted to sell the SMS at what price. They can sell it on monthly basis getting the SMS from us at with no time lapse that means their SMS credibility will not expire. Hence it helps to sell bulk SMS and earn the profit.

Message units from can be purchased at wholesale price and then SMS can be resell to your customers in small chunk at whatever price. With the increase in customers the profit ratio increases because of the increase in the consumption of more messages and the more messages you buy the lesser will be your SMS cost. The profit of per SMS turns out to be higher, the more money you make.

Reseller can earn large chunk of money with no setup cost. The three type of reselling SMS are as follows

A) AFFILIATE: – The affiliate person will send the SMS with same user ID. It is mostly being used by the companies with same User ID.

B) DUAL BRAND: – The reseller can resell the SMS with different User ID but same URL.

1. Dual branded Messenger for customers for log in, receive and send texts
2. Creation of page to keep updated that if your customers are tagged to you
3. Create customer accounts on your own.
4. Earn commissions for every sale made
5. Panel can be made on paid monthly
6. Sales & Marketing help
7. Reporting reports
8. Risk free trial to assess its suitability or performance for your customer

C) WHITE LABEL: – The reseller will have different URL and different User ID.

1. You will have Account of White Label ‘Messenger’. The SMS World will help you to send the SMS with your company user ID and URL.
2. Creation tool will help you to provide user ID of your costumer, master your Account & live Report Package
Sell the credits SMS to your customers at desired price. Get a domain name with a secure password.

The advantage of reselling to the resellers is:-

It helps the reseller to keep a very good link with their customers.
It is easy to use gateway which is widely being used for transmitting information to the desired costumers.
It helps to enhance their business with minimal cost because it don’t require any setup cost or experienced staff to manage.

Bulk SMS reselling is highly profitable. Bulk SMS in a bulk is very cost effective and then reselling the small SMS pack. Taking example a reseller purchased 5lakh of SMS at $.6 but he is selling 20 thousand SMS at $1.20 so profit margin for each SMS turns out to be $6
5lakh SMS=$ 30,000
20,000*$1.20*25 = $ 60,000
Profit=$60,000- $30,000=$30,000