Top 7 extreme benefits of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising for a business venture in India – 2018

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Top 7 extreme benefits of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising for a business venture in India – 2018

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) firstly launched in mid of 90’s, since then it has developed and tailored, almost to the point where most of the individuals have at least heard the name “PPC”. In this cutthroat age, PPC marketing plays an important role in the promotion of the product/Services of the business enterprises. Here we will discuss the benefits of PPC and why should you prefer PPC for your business in 2018

What is PPC (Pay – Per – Click)

PPC which is also known as CPC (cost-Per-Click) is a form of internet advertising in which advertisers pay a small amount of fee to the Publisher (owner of website or search engine), each time when the ad is clicked. PPC generally is coupled with the search engines such as Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing ads etc. However, some social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also implemented pay-per-click as their advertising model. Pay-Per-Click is a promotional technique, which has used by most of the businesses to direct traffic to their website. It permits to the promoter to bid for ad post in search engine’s sponsored links while someone makes searches on a correlated keyword to his or her business offerings. For instance, if we bid on the keyword, “Mobile software” our ad might demonstrate-up in the top of Google result page. Every time when the visitor clicks our ad, we have to pay a small amount of fee to the search engines. If our PPC working is efficiently and accurately, then a fee, which is paid to the search engine, is trivial as a visitor is more important than payment. In other words, if we spent on a click $5, but as a result, if we got $6oo business sale, then we have made a huge profit.

For a successful PPC Campaign you have to do a lot of work such as appropriate selection of keywords, organize the keywords according to campaign and ad groups, perfect setting of the PPC landing page that are optimized, and so forth. If you’re landing page and ads are valuable to users, Google may take fewer charges from you, per click. It can become a great profit for your business venture. Hence, there are many benefits ‘of PPC (Pay-Per-click) Marketing for a business organization which are described below-

benefits of PPC

1. Measurable outcome

PPC advertising is easy to measure and track. You can measure anything, which has related to your PPC campaign such as cost, views, profit, clicks and so forth. Just use the AdWords tool with Google Analytics, you can get the high-level results and details including conversions, impressions etc. When you send your PPC traffic to the landing pages and track it with the help of Google analytics tool, then you can find the result

2. PPC gives Quick Results

Any businessperson wants the high quality and fast results for their business so that he can take the other important business decisions. PPC is the fastest way to run a marketing campaign and gives the instant result. For example, if you have a website up and running efficiently you can easily create an Adwords account and with the help of this you can set up your ads and run them on the Google network. It will lead your traffic and gives you the better result.

3. Swift Entry among Competitors

In this competitive era, when you commence with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing you get swift running with a little bit of optimization rather than other channels like SEO and Emails etc. that frequently take a lot of time and attention to get the same positioning. In addition, you will get the more traffic with the help of AdWords, which offers within few minutes. With the minimum involvement of your development team, PPC quickly throws a wide network to discover the new prospects and clients.

4. Helpful to Target the right addresses

When you start a PPC Campaign, you can choose that where and when your ads will publish or appear based on some factors such as keywords, date & time, website, device and so forth. By keeping these factors in mind, you can segment the market and easily can get the right customers for your product/services

5. Brand Appreciation

PPC supports to increase the brand image of a business. You can use the keywords related to your Business Empire/ industry so that people searching for those and see your ads. By choosing the right and effective keywords, you can enhance the brand image or awareness and establish your company as an authority.

6. Resource of Marketing Information

PPC provide more marketing information that can be used for SEO strategy and Content Marketing because when you use Google Adwords, it reveals a lot of data and performances, which is directly available on this tool. You can use the different tools for getting information and idea about marketing activities such as built-in keyword planner tool for finding your audience, and you can use keywordSpy, and SpyFu for cross-reference to know about your competitors and so forth. In this way, you can get the information and frame your strategies among the competition.

7. Flexibility & Control

PPC advertising campaign has a lot of budget flexibility & control. if you want to start with a small amount you can do this and when you get the positive results, then you can scale up instantaneously. The most important thing is that you can edit and optimize your ads when they are in running position. It does not take a long process from edit to deployment. You can discontinue the ads if you want and can take a break. Normally these kinds of rare qualities are not set up with other online marketing campaigns.

Therefore, with the help of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising Campaign, you can not only promote your products or services but also enhance your business image and extend your business in this competitive market swiftly and efficiently.