The government has lifted the restriction on bulk SMSs.

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The government has lifted the restriction on bulk SMSs.

New Delhi:

The government lifted the ban on bulk SMSs on Thursday, which had been enforced to prevent the propagation of rumours connected to the unrest in Assam, which had resulted in an exodus of people from the northeastern states from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune.

The decision was made after social unrest in various regions of the nation was lessened in recent days as a result of misinformation spread by SMS, MMS, and web material, according to a home ministry official.

On August 17, the restriction on sending more than five SMS messages in one go and more than 20KB of data via mobile phones went into effect. On August 23, the administration upped the daily limit to 20 SMSs.

The ban was imposed in response to complaints of extensive distribution of SMSs and MMSes carrying false information about the Assam unrest, threats to persons of northeastern background residing in other areas of the nation, and doctored films.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had also stated that the dissemination of rumours by miscreants had caused people from the northeast to escape from Bangalore, Pune, and other regions of the country.