SMS marketing v/s email marketing -What is the best method for marketing for your business

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SMS marketing v/s email marketing -What is the best method for marketing for your business

In this modern era, India has become one of the world’s fastest emergent economies in Smartphone market. The number of Smartphone users was estimated to be more than 2.50 billion by 2018 or 1/3rd of the population. This has been created the opportunities and challenges for the businesses venture, as they need to keep their customer informed and engaged with the relevant business. Both these forms of marketing (SMS Marketing and Email Marketing) provide the opportunity as well as challenges to the business owners for affordable mass communication in this competitive business world.

However, the major question is arises that what is the best method /strategy for marketing or how to get thousands of potential customers in a limited time for your business. Bulk SMS and Bulk E-Mail solutions, both are the accurate answer to this question. They provide help in relationship building, lead generation and sales conversion in the consumer market. Both methods seem similar, but in fact, there is a lot of difference between SMS marketing and Email Marketing.

SMS marketing vs email marketing

Why do business company choose Bulk Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effectual and cost-effective method of communication with your prospects and existing customers in an appropriate and fruitful manner. It proffers numerous types of payback to the business organization, such as lead generation, gain loyal customers, brand awareness, sale engender and so forth.
There are some facts listed below, which show that how mass mailing can become a most satisfied marketing apparatus for your business venture-

• Cost Effective – Among many kinds of online promotion strategies, Email Marketing is a cost-effective technique because there is no need to make any big investment. Just make sure that you hire someone who is capable to operate the functions of Email marketing in an organized manner. It also saves the money on stamps and paper.

• Increase the Web traffic – Email marketing provides help to increase the web traffic. By sending, a month-to-month pamphlet is the best loom to produce activity on your website. Among 10 people, eight people say that they made use of coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week.

• Boost your Brand image – Bulk Email Marketing facilitates to increase the brand icon or goodwill. Maximum customers frequently observe your logo and marking, the more probable they are to consider you for future purchase.

• Create new openings – In Email marketing, you can attract the more audience by adding some infographic pictures videos to get their interest. By publishing a quality news sheet, you can create new open doors, such as organizations, media interviews, and so forth. All it takes is the ideal individual to follow your content at the accurate time.

• Multiple features towards customer – Email marketing has multiple features such as it provides help in client testimonial, contextual analyses etc. that is the best method for discussing an issue related to your product or services. You can see the open rate percentage of the campaigns and compare the results with the help of Email marketing.

 Why do business company choose Bulk SMS Marketing

It seems that India is a rapidly growing Smartphone market; therefore, Bulk SMS Marketing is a fastest developing channel, which is used to send the instant messages in bulk or provide help in making customers, sales leads and sustaining strong business relationships with customers.

There are some facts depicted below which show that how bulk SMS Marketing can become the best approach for your business venture-

• Speed – SMS is fast to send, fast to browse and fast to reply. Once sent into a bulk SMS entryway. It takes seconds for the messages to be sent out.

• Cost – Its minimum cost to send a text message compared to several different sorts of communication, however, real money-saving comes from the advantages of bulk SMS. The quickness of SMS means that you will use it for unpunctual communications.

• Fabricate important conversations – Anyone who reads social media selling blogs can little question grasps the importance of building relationships together with your customers. Once execution a bulk SMS campaign, you will supply your customers the chance to reply to either a short code or a protracted code, that seems like a daily, full-length mobile variety. Each choice enables you to arouse feedback from your current and potential customers, and receive the response quickly!

• Minimum chances to be filtered out, as spam – In SMS marketing there are not spam filters on inboxes. That does not mean that you simply will spam all of your customers, however, it will mean that if the message has relevancy that they use their phone and they have not unsubscribed, they are going to most likely savvy.
• Healthier for the environment – Bulk SMS involves no printing, no paper, no waste and no fuel for transportation. From associate degree environmental and a PR perspective, this is often vast profit.

 After elaborating the pros and cons of each the marketing forms, we are now comparing these two forms of marketing based on some necessary factors –

1. Cellular phone dissemination
At present, more than 75% individuals across the world own a mobile phone, and only 45% are lucky enough to access the web. Studies show that each year, mobile users are increasing while internet users are not increasing as compare to the mobile phones.

2. Open Rates
As we tend to mentioned earlier, 99% of SMS messages are scan by the individuals that is sort of quite the emails (48%) response rate. you’ll be able to simply perceive that SMS have an improved impact on individuals to reply than emails.

3. Superiority
SMS messages have to be compelled to keep to their oath confine and simply leave the space for the very important stuff whereas emails have a bent to possess insignificant knowledge that dangers exhausting the client.

4. CTR (Click-through rate)
Click-through rate is that the proportion of those who direct to the marketer’s website via the link provided within the message. The typical CTR of SMS Marketing is more than CTR of email. The reason for this deep gap is that emails accommodates an extended message before giving the link, whereas, SMS messages are short and too the purpose.

5. Operating Cost
SMS campaigns may work out on additional expensive once you take at the per-message value nevertheless you are doing economize on the prices that accompany creating e-mailers. Email campaigns need imagination and set up. With simply 160 characters of duplicate SMS messages allow you to contact your gathering of individuals with excellent cost successfully.

After browsing with all the doable scrutiny factors thorough, we have initiated with the result that each E-mail Marketing and SMS Marketing plays most important role in your business. In spite of, the nature of your business, you have to use either of those two modes of marketing to reach more and more peoples. It’s Up to you now that which style of marketing suits you according to the size and nature of the business.