Search Engine Optimization – Top 10 Tips to optimize your website (2019)

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Search Engine Optimization – Top 10 Tips to optimize your website (2019)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the most important tool for promoting your product or service in this competitive age. If you want to optimize your whole website, first you have to think carefully about some choices such as what your site is about, the objective of making your website, time, etc. Once you settled on these things after you can go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

• To optimize your website on the search engine you have to follow these basic tips

1. Website topic

The first thing is that make your website about one thing topic. It can be about other topics that depict your main content (service/product) you can make a little keyword research before choosing a suitable topic for your website.

2. Link internal pages

Link building plays an important role in the promotion f the website. Link your most important pages to the home page of the website. Many content management system so this automatically. if your system doesn’t do this, you should crosslink your page with than each other.

3. Remove unnecessary data

Page load timing is very important. Sometimes large image size, flash graphics, music player and unnecessary plug-in slow down your website. So remove the unnecessary data, which may cause to slow down your website.

4. Suitable Permalink

Use a permalink structure that is suitable for your website. The URL structures that include text and ensure it also includes your keywords.

5. Link website

For promoting your website, you should link your site with relevant content to other sites. You can take the helps blogroll, resource page, link list, etc. If you make relevant links, this tells the search engine that you are a structured authority on a particular topic.

6. Update website

Update your website time to time with new content because of dynamic content after rank higher than static content.

7. Indexing

Make sure that your website is indexed on search engine like Yahoo, Google, being, etc. If you do not do, a lot of search engine may find you but do not count it.

8. Valuable content

Your content should be clear and valuable to the audience. So write great stuff according to the audience for getting better results.

9. Use keywords

Use the words that reflect your website topic in the image title and description. You can re-title the file name if it is not visible your main keyword. Include the tagline, keyword, blog categories, page titles and content in the website.

10. Domain Name

A domain name is a website name where internal user can access your website. So don’t change it as it is a factor in your website search ranking. Post blogs from time to time. The gap should not be more. If you post your blog lately, then you will never see your site get the value it deserves.