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The SMS World commits itself to protect the privacy of its consumers. We ask all our users to read the following Privacy Policy in order to understand how their personal and business information is handled since they take full use of our services. This policy solely applies to the whole The SMS World market network and not to any other firm. Where you register to utilize our services, The SMS World gathers user information or in certain cases when they are asked to supply our personal and business information. The SMS World We ask for their name, email address, business information, and other personal information during registration. 

When a user registers, they are no longer anonymously anonymous with and the user has granted The SMS World, including the business directory, trading leads, catalogs, etc.., the right to broadcast business & personal information across its marketplaces. You shared information with The SMS World alone unless otherwise specified when you are on our network and are requested for personal details. Promotions running through our network can be sponsored by non-ET firms or co-sponsored by The SMS World and a different company. The sponsor may share some or all information gathered during a promotion. If the data is shared, before data collection or transmission you will be told. If you do not want your information to be shared, you can choose not to participate in the offer. 

For analysis that can assist us in improving user experience and services, we collect usage statistics like pages viewed, the number of visitors, browser software, display resolution, and others.

Through gathering personal or public information, The SMS World mainly aims to give the user a personalized experience on our websites. This includes customization services, interactive interactions, and many more, most entirely free, sorts of services. Business information is utilized to display the user listings and product offers throughout our network to obtain the most possible business prospects for the user. 

The SMS World shows publicity based on information about site use and visitor patterns to give services free of charge. The SMS World uses user personal and corporate data to deliver its websites, newsletters, and bespoke mailers for targeted ads. In addition, the User may start to get business inquiries from other buyers and sellers, which may be of interest to them when the personal and company information is shown on our network. The SMS World exercises no control over its users to send the mentioned members business inquiries.

In general, The SMS World shall not disclose or share any information that is personally identifiable to a user except where it has permission or under certain circumstances, such as if The SMS World is of good faith that the legislation requires or permits that policy. The SMS World may not disclose or disclose any information of the users.

In special cases where The SMS World has grounds for believing that disclosure of such information is required to identify, contact, or bring proceedings against anyone that could breach or inhibit (intentionally or unintentionally) or violate The SMS World’ Terms of Services, or be liable to ET’s rights or defense of them.

The SMS World may send emails to its users about its products and services from time to time. Furthermore, The SMS World may sometimes send direct courier mails concerning third-party items and services which it considers to be in the user’s interest. These direct mailings shall only be sent by The SMS World or its agents that work under privacy agreements.

You may remove or disable a user account, but this will not allow the user to access any section of the network. In our archival records, the residual information shall stay.

The SMS World will never, as with any information, sell personal or corporate information to users until the user allows them. Any user stats that we may give prospective The SMS World advertisers or partners on the use of products or services must be submitted in aggregated form only and shall not include any information that is individually identifiable about a single user.

We ask our users to sign up and shut their browser window on completion of their job from their The SMS World account. This is to guarantee that others do not have access, if the user shares a computer with someone else or uses a public computer, to their personal or commercial information and communications. In order to ensure that the user information is treated securely, The SMS World takes all precautions necessary within its limitations of commercial feasibility and need.

Unfortunately, there can be no 100% secure data transfer via the internet. Thus, while The SMS World aims at protecting the personal and business data of the customer, it cannot guarantee and at your own risk the safety of any information that is submitted to the SMS World. After your transmission is received by The SMS World, you will do your best to assure the safety of your systems. Please keep in view the fact that you receive unwanted communications from other parties when you put your personal and commercial information online, which is publicly available.