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At The SMS World we help in assigning a fully secured and integrated SMS route gateway for sending the OTP (One Time Password) only to the customers of Banks, E-commerce Portals, General Websites etc without any other hindrance or content on the OTP SMS Gateway.

With the instant delivery methods the gateway provided by us will be of high priority and fully secured at affordable prices. We completely understand the importance of safety and security of issuing OTP’s to customers and therefore work towards the safeguarding of the information with 24/7 delivery options.

Through our OTP SMS Gateway Services we ensure help the website designers and app developers to send Bulk SMS for verification’s, registrations and timely updates to their customers. With the help of our secured gateway the clients can fully get the verified access to the financial transactions.

Completely understanding the importance of minimizing the risk associated with any fraudulent in the payments and inconvenience caused to the customers due to delayed services we work towards securing the transactions through our complete phone based authentication through the help of SMS  as well as calculate the real time number verification.

Our blend of convenience and low cost help the companies with secured access to the workforce and verify the financial transactions. Our OTP SMS services are globally accessible and secure to use for any kind of registrations and security efforts.

OTP SMS – The SMS World

Features of Our OTP SMS Gateway Services

Authentication Verification- Proper verification of the complete number with accurate information of the portability, network and phone status.

Covering cities globally– We have a strong network of connecting the countries worldwide.

Accurate API– Proper easy to use SMS API that will ensure OTP Messages are sent instantly and in accurate manner.

Auto Correction of Phone Numbers- For the purpose of reliable delivery of the OTP we offer the services of auto correction of the phone numbers which currently is available to selected destinations.

Choice of Expiry Time Frame of the OTP– Proper provision of the expiry time frame for the OTP SMS sent to the customers and are undeliverables for the phones being switched off or not reachable.

Fastest Track Routing-Proper priority for the purpose of authentication messages.

Flash SMS Facility- Through the help of OTPs that are sent we automatically share the Flash SMS that appears on the user’s phone and no Flash SMS is left on the phone.


If you are looking for the Bulk  SMS services for the  OTP SMS feel free to connect.