How to optimize a successful bulk SMS marketing campaign in India (2019) – top 8 tips

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How to optimize a successful bulk SMS marketing campaign in India (2019) – top 8 tips

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Bulk SMS Marketing Bulk SMS has the most imperative role in the advertising of any product or service. Now a day’s most of the people use Smartphone’s. Approximately 5 to 6 billion mobile phones have the capacity to send and receive the SMS. SMS has the widest reach capacity. It is the easiest, fastest and most effective method to send information about the product/ service or any event to the public. It has the best engagement rates. SMS messages rates (97%) are higher than email marketing open rates, which is an average of 30%. Most of the companies, whether they are small, medium or large, can yield a great return by using Bulk SMS Marketing campaign.

Here are some tips are given below which can help you to optimize a successful bulk SMS campaign

1. Proper Channel of C.T.A. (call to action)

The first is that when you send an SMS the reason for sending it should be clear to the public. The content of the message should be clear so that the recipient can understand the objective of the message and able to make the decision regarding it. Tell them the advantages of the message, they have sent so they can act upon it effectively.

2. Track Your Campaign Report

Track your SMS campaign from time to time and make a report on it. You can analysis the report that how SMS marketing campaign effective. How much reactions you receive from the public or how can you make it more effective. You can also analysis that how much ROI return on investment you receive etc.

3. Sense of Urgency

When you are going for an SMS Marketing campaign, you should consider whether the SMS message creates a sense of urgency. It can be done by put on the expiry date on discounts or coupons etc. “The SMS World” gives an easy and effectual mode to create send and redeem.

4. Maintain Customer Database

When you are going through Bulk SMS Campaign make sure that the customer list should be updated because it may prove costly to sending SMS messages to old numbers. Delete the number that can be reachable.

5. Know About Your Audience

For a successful campaign, it is imperative to identify your audience. When you are going to make an SMS campaign the age, genders, location and the purchases should be taken into consideration. Ensure that the recipient is going to be interested in what you offer them.

6. SMS (concise & keep it short)

A message should be consist of 160 characters. Choose appropriate and efficient words for your message. It should get into the point and beneficial towards the receiver.

7. Frequency of Time

You should consider the right time for sending the SMS messages such as whether it should be daily, weekly or monthly before sending the message. If you sent the SMS daily, the recipient might be irritated/annoyed and can unsubscribe the service. If you send, the messages after a long period the recipient may lose the trust and may forget the service. The frequency of time to sending messages should be fine-tuned and according to the objective of the message.

8. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important for a successful SMS Marketing Campaign. Choose the right time to send an SMS message to the customers. Do not send the SMS at midnight or early morning. If you want to generate a proper response then ensure you leave your customer enough time during the day to do so.