How to Improve Your Website Navigation – Top 6 tips

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How to Improve Your Website Navigation – Top 6 tips

Website Navigation- Website navigation plays an important role to increase the ranking of a particular website in search engine results. It is great for users and boosts the SEO (search engine optimization) performances. The main objective of website navigation is to provide stuff to visitors on your website.
Website navigation is an internal link architecture, where the links within your website connect the pages. Search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. use the website navigation to determine and index the pages. It provides help to understand the content of the target page and the relationships among the pages to the search engines. Effective Website navigation makes easy for the user to find the information and provide help in search engine crawling.

 Here are top 6 tips which provide help to improve the website navigation

1. Navigation scheduling

In the case of web designing or web navigation, the first point is to figure out that, what kind of features the website offer and in which manner the information should be displayed to the users. Firstly, you should make the “sitemap” which include a diagram or worksheet that show the different level of information. With the help of sitemap, you can encourage your clients to work with the format, which they feel, at ease of using.

2. Content Hierarchies

The classification of content assists pages to improve in rank for general head terms and for particular long-tail terms. For example, if we are searching for a page in a book, we can simply read the index. This is a well-organized way to navigate through a lot of content. Content hierarchies make simpler the process of locating content. If there is a lot of data/content exists, it can be broken down into a few extensive categories. These extensive categories also can be classified into small subcategories; this makes a differing hierarchical level that visitors can easily navigate. Content hierarchies organize a website page in an efficient way so that users and search engines easily understand it.

3. Use web conventions

The motivation behind why convention exists is because; they are based off thoughts that work. When a thought is known to work this normally results in such a substantial after, that it at that point turns into a typical language. Design convention work so well that you can take a gander at a website in a complete extraordinary language and still halfway explore your way around. The main time you should part from convention is on the off chance that you have a superior method for accomplishing something, for instance in the event that you have a campaign site, it may be progressively suitable to accomplish something non-customary with the menu.

4. User-friendly language

Due to heavy competition on the web, it is imperative that the language and labeling should be user-friendly in the website navigation. Whatever your website, do not forget about the users and how they would interpret what you do. If you want to see that, which wording is better for your primary navigation you can put some test (A/B testing) into the place. Maintain your primary navigation simple and easy to understand it. You can make some personalization in it by using pop-ups and notifications.

5. Sticky Navigation

Sticky or settled navigation is a site menu that is bolted into the spot with the goal that it does not vanish when the client looks down the page. You can actualize a sticky menu for any site; it just comes down to regardless of whether it is appropriate for both the plan and navigation purposes.

6. Utilization of mega menus

Mega menus are expansive navigation panels that ordinarily drop down or fly out from a worldwide nav bar. While they are not suitable for each site, mega menus can make an incredible route involvement for a client when progressed admirably. The fundamental advantage of a mega menu is that they encourage the presentation of numerous choices immediately. Super menus can utilize symbols and pictures just as a typographical progressive system to make filtering less demanding. They additionally function admirably for locales that have a vast list of services.

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