Difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS

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Difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS

SMS Marketing is one of the effective tool of advertisement that help in growing business. In India two types of SMS are allowed for business marketing. Bulk SMS services are used for the purpose of advertisement. There are majorly these two kinds of routes- Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS. Both of them have different targets and goals. Both of the SMS gateways have distinct kind of characteristics and are used in the much more reliable as well as in the cost effective manner.The transactional SMS and Promotional SMS target the different audience.


Here are the differences listed between Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS inorder to choose the right gateway as per your requirements:

  1. Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are the kind of messages that are sent to the customers for passing the information with respect to the product and service. For example:

1)A message sent any eCommerce portal to the consumer regarding the payment made against the cost of the product.

2) A message sent by the bank to the account holders in terms of the balance of the weekly amount or with regards to any kind of transaction that takes place.

At SMS World a proper kind of template is offered as per the approved norms and regulations such that there will be no kind of problems.

Advantages of Transactional SMS

  • The messages are easily sent through DND numbers
  • With the help of bulk SMS services available one can easily deliver urgent information
  • Unlike the time constraints in the Promotional SMS the transactional SMS can be shared for any kind of time constraint.
  • The API gateway helps in the integration of the software so that personalized SMS can be easily sent.


  1. Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS are basically the SMS that are sent for the purpose of effective marketing such that you are able to get the affordable solutions of marketing in the most appropriate manner.


Features of Promotional SMS

  • The sender ID will easily be generated through the process of Dynamic Sender Number
  • Both the High priority SMS gateway and Normal Gateway facility are provided
  • The multiple kind of gateway is easily assigned to the clients in the automatic manner.


Both the different kinds of SMS are important and have different advantages. They can be used in a manner so that there are effective ways of marketing to get great business.


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