Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab

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Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab

The SMS World is the leading and reliable bulk SMS service provider Punjab. We offer various bulk SMS services in Punjab like Transactional bulk SMS, Promotional bulk SMS, voice SMS, etc. The SMS World provide Bulk SMS services in Punjab with unlimited validity also. Get best price for Bulk SMS solutions in Punjab. Call: 9888335805 / 9041001685.

Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab Features

Types Of SMS Promotional/Transactional/API SMS
Bulk SMS Service Call +919888335805
DLT DLT is mandatory for any SMS campaign
Unicode Send SMS in a different language
Schedule Send SMS using schedule date & time
Reports View message delivery report
Template Use template SMS to send messages
Carousel Link Send up to 12 images & pdf Through This
Link Report Get Click Report Of Carousel Link
WhatsApp Feature Direct WhatsApp Chat Option
Credit 160 Character Count 1 Credit
Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab

Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab

Our Easy To Use Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab


With our SMS Service, you may get more traffic and sales. To improve user experience, send immediate OTP, alerts, notifications, updates, offers, marketing, and promotional SMS to your customers.


Bulk SMS Services 

Bulk SMS Service is usually at the top of the priority list when it comes to promoting and obtaining more leads for businesses, whether they are large or little.


SMS for business transactions

TRAI has launched transactional SMS as a direct and quality engagement between businesses and their intended client base. We also use it for clients who need information.


SMS marketing

Send a promotional text message Promo SMS is a simple way to endorse or promote one’s business or services in the market. as well as some specific advertising Send an SMS to promote your business.


Delivery of SMS is simple

You may start and manage your campaign on the web, and we’ve made care to give you a clear and easy-to-use interface for a pleasant experience.


SMS for business

Whether you have a little or large business, Promotional & Transactional roots will help you meet your objectives, and we at The SMS World deliver 100% dependable SMS.


Integration with APIs

Our Simple API Integration with any programming language of your choice will allow you to send SMS directly to your subscribers and customers from your CRM, application, or any web portal.


Features Of Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab

  • Clients can interact with their target audience in the most cost-effective way using scientifically advanced web-based bulk services.
  • As a sender ID, you can enter the name of your product or brand.
  • Bulk SMS is delivered instantly, with precise reports.
  • SMS Groups with No Limits
  • Contacts can be added to the Phonebook in an unlimited number of ways.
  • Support for SMS messages with long codes
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Texts are scheduled once a year.


Bulk SMS Services Provider Punjab Offered By The SMS World


  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Bulk SMS resellers
  • Short Code SMS
  • Long Code SMS
  • Bulk SMS API
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • IVR Service
  • Voice Call
  • Voice Call OTP Service
  • Opt-in and Opt-out via missed call numbers.
  • Opt-in and Opt-out via shortcode.
  • Opt-in and Opt-out via long code.
  • Two Way SMS Gateway

Why The SMS World As Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab?

  • Vodafone, Idea, and Airtel are all directly connected.
  • Experienced technical professionals for application management, as well as a dedicated and strong support team
  • SMPP server with high setup and 100% uptime
  • Reduce traffic by using several channels.
  • Send SMS over a high-priority route.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • There will be no false commitment.
  • Cost-effective
  • Remote assistance with desktop sharing is available.
  • Email assistance is available.


The Need For Bulk SMS

Everyone is connected via the internet and online messaging in this technological age, and Bulk SMS is the same approach to interact with your audience via messaging. Companies, corporations, banks, schools, and small businesses all use bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is also the basic demand in marketing for many businesses in Chandigarh. Bulk SMS can save you up to 80% on your communications costs. This is also the quickest approach to connect a big number of people at once.


Benefits Of Bulk SMS


  • SMS can be sent using an Excel plug-in, API, Web & Android apps, and a user-friendly SMS Gateway.
  • You may also schedule an SMS with a future date and time.
  • 1 SMS Credit is equal to 160 SMS characters.
  • DND Numbers can be extracted and will not be charged or credited for promotional SMS services.
  • A six-digit Sender ID will be used for SMS. In the event of a promotional Bulk SMS service, they have their availability from the operator.
  • For numerous operators, there is an instant delivery option.
  • You can look up the status of an SMS delivery or get a report.
  • Transactional SMS Service has no time limit, therefore it can be sent whenever you want.
  • The software does not have a startup fee.

How Your Business Benefits From Bulk SMS?

Reach out to potential buyers right away

Bulk messaging is the cheapest and fastest approach to reach the target audience in today’s smartphone era. Because the majority of individuals check their message box whenever a new message appears, this marketing method provides a wonderful opportunity to produce additional leads. As a result, SMS marketing has a better success rate than any other advertising strategy. You can leave the promotional element to the provider and focus on business expansion using bulk message services.


SMS Delivery to Recipients is Guaranteed

The bulk SMS program ensures that all messages are delivered to the intended recipients. Out-of-coverage areas and no-network contacts, on the other hand, are exceptions. If the user has an active mobile network and reliable connectivity, they will undoubtedly receive the message. The messaging platform is a web-based program that generates a huge number of real-time reports on the operation. 

Access to a large number of potential buyers

You may engage with your target audience with quality message services by selecting a reputable bulk SMS business. Help your company keep ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital marketplace by reaching out to potential customers in a timely manner. The messaging services provide an excellent marketing platform for your company, allowing you to send notifications and generate leads.

Bulk SMS Service In Punjab As An Efficient Marketing Tool For Startups


The use of an SMS message service to raise brand recognition and promote a product is quite effective. This marketing technique can be used by startups to reach a large audience at a low cost. With a minimal investment, your company can obtain access to a big number of potential customers and see rapid results. For startups and small enterprises, the zero-cost setup makes this marketing tool even more effective and efficient.

Hire the top firm in the field to send bulk SMS to national networks. You can save money and time by using customized services provided by a competitive message delivery partner. For each procedure, the software generates an instant status report. The bulk messaging platform works in three simple steps: producing message content (which is generated by the business), sending tailored messages to bulk SMS vendors, and finally broadcasting the message to bulk contacts. Standard SMS protocols such as SMPP and HTTP are used to ensure that messages reach their intended recipients safely.

Customized mass messaging services can help your company achieve higher ROIs and a higher success rate. Messages are provided for a variety of company areas, including automobile, insurance, real estate, training institutions, coaching institutes, kindergartens, retail stores, computer institutes, mobile stores, jewelry stores, marriage bureaus, fashion outlets, spas, and so on. At an affordable price, customized messaging services are given according to the client’s requirements.

Choose A Dependable Service Provider

It is critical that you select a reputable Bulk SMS Service provider. Never work with organizations that are new to the marketing field since they may cause you to fail.


Talk about all your needs boldly

Make a list of all requirements and discuss them openly with the SMS service provider in Punjab. It will be tough for the Bulk SMS Company to achieve the desired results if you are unclear about your requirements.

Picking out an option

Before making a decision, it’s a good idea to look at a variety of service providers. It can be difficult to choose the right firm for your company, but it is critical to do so because it will affect your company’s future. Consultants can also assist new business owners in selecting the best organization

Choose a vendor that caters to your needs very well

Always go with a Bulk SMS provider that communicates with you on a regular basis, as this will aid in your business’s calculated growth. Experts in marketing recommend that business owners visit with the SMS Company in person so that they may fully understand their requirements. Once you’ve communicated the correct need to the organization, they’ll work with you to meet your goals.

Bulk SMS Gateway Provider

An SMS Gateway is a device that allows you to send and receive text messages. It simplifies and streamlines the message process for the company as well as everyone who needs to communicate in several formats. As a result, it is used to send information to a wide number of people via SMS in a matter of seconds, which is why it is regarded as the most effective mode of communication, particularly for organizations that need to communicate with their target audience on a regular basis. The Bulk SMS Gateway Provider Punjab divides the technology into two distinct categories: promotional SMS and transactional SMS.


Organizations That Use Our SMS Services Include

  • Colleges and universities
  • Institutes of Training and Coaching
  • Groups for social and professional networking
  • Information and Communication Technology Companies
  • Services in the Financial Sector
  • Services to Consumers
  • Services in Real Estate
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Services for Human Resources
  • Stores that sell wholesale and retail
  • Organizations and Clubs
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Internet-based businesses
  • Marketing Consultancies
  • Agencies that handle advertising and distribution


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FAQ’s About Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab

✅ Can I test a demo account before buying Bulk SMS Service Provider Punjab?

Definitely Yes, We do provide such facilities to our clients and customers. Before buying we provide you with details of our demo account. You can easily log into your dummy account and test how our services work.  

✅ How I came to know, my bulk messages get delivered?

Yes, we do. These are stored only on the Bulk SMS Web to SMS platform. If, however, you are using the Bulk SMS Text Messenger, you will be able to see your delivery report for as long as you keep the sent SMS message in your Sent items box. 

✅ What is the refund policy for non-delivered messages?

 NO refund is provided in case of any non-delivered/failed message as we have been charged for every message irrespective of the status and more resources are put to check the cause of the undelivered message and we retry sending the messages before sending the failed message report.

✅ Do you provide API to use in your premade software?

Yes, API technology is being provided by us in our pre-made software. We provide API in different computer languages, depending on the client.

✅ What is the difference between user and bulk SMS reseller?

Users will send SMS from the internet Panel, Excel Plugin, API. However, Resellers aside from sending SMS also can sell SMS to their customers. Resellers get a white panel in which they’ll get what they want. they’re going to be supplied with admin rights so they’ll manage their users.

✅ What are the different modes of sending SMS from the web panel?

* Single SMS – Instantly send up to 10000 numbers

* Group SMS – Store contacts in the group and send SMS

* Excel 2 SMS Static – Send SMS from contacts stored in Excel (only .xls file)

* Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – Send Dynamic SMS from contacts and content stored in Excel (only .xls file)

✅ What is the sender id?

The sender-id is that number (or alpha string) that appears on the recipients’ phones. A sender-id may be a string of up to eleven characters. 1st and 2nd  characters represent the Mobile Operator’s network and therefore the location followed by hyphen(-). you’ll be able to use the remaining eight characters of the sender-id. It can be your name or brand. For instance, if your name is XYZ then the sender-id is like TA-XYZ.

✅ What is DND with filtering or without filtering?

In DND Filtering, you can send SMS to both DND and Non-DND messages. But in DND without Filtering, you can only send SMS to Non-DND messages.

✅ How to add a new sender id?

For adding a new sender id, you need to mail us your new username. Then we will add your username.

✅ How to get without DND filtering new sender id?

 If you want to get a without DND filtering sender id, you should submit a scanned and filled and form to your admin/reseller on your letterhead with your sample message. If approved, you will get activated in 1 hour.

✅ When will I get my sender id approved?

It mostly takes 10 minutes to 1 hour to get your sender Id approved depending on the type of your id.

✅ How will I know that my sender id is approved?

You will get a notification from our side telling us about the status of your approval and also you can check your panel.

✅ What is a credit and how many characters it includes?

A message having not more than 160 characters is considered as 1 credit.

✅ Can I send messages with more than 160 characters and how will credits be deducted?

You can send a message with more than 160 characters. Your credit will be deducted depending on the number of characters.

✅ What is the template and how can I use it?

 The template is a message which is stored by default. You can use it as many times as you want.

✅ How can I schedule bulk SMS for the future?

 You can schedule any number of SMS in the future by going to the Message Box >> Bulk SMS >> tick on show advanced settings. You can schedule either in bulk or single.

✅ Is there any maximum limit to schedule SMS?

No, there is no limit in scheduling your message.

✅ How to plugin SMS to my website?

 You can use API or another computer language to plugin SMS to your website.

✅ Can we send Unicode SMS?

Unicode SMS is a type of SMS in which you can send your message in any other language of your choice or add any special character to the current text. It is a great option for companies who are thinking of expanding their business to other parts of the country.

Can we send customized SMS?

You cannot send customized SMS as you have to get template approval before sending the SMS.

✅ What is carousel SMS?

Carousel SMS is a simple type of SMS in which you can attach your brand or product image along with your WhatsApp and send it as a single link to the targeted audience through SMS.

✅ Can we send links in our SMS?

 Yes, you can send links through carousel SMS.

✅ Can we send OTP messages from the panel?

Yes, you can send OTP SMS through our panel. We 1the SMS World provide a fully secured SMS gateway for sending the OTP’s.

✅ Can we send Transactional SMS?

Yes, you can send transactional SMS through our portal. Just link your website/app with our portal and the SMS will automatically be sent.

✅ What is the SMS sending speed?

SMS sent through our portal are generally received within 15 seconds, depending upon the network connection of the receiver. In some cases, it may take more time as its number depends on the network connection of the receiver.

✅ Can we send SMS from excel?

 You can add your Excel sheet containing the numbers to which you want to send the SMS.

✅ Do you have any app to send SMS?

No, we don’t have any app, but our website is so user-friendly it can be operated through mobile very easily.

✅ Can we send personal SMS from the panel?

No, you cannot send personal SMS as each SMS needs to be approved before sending.

✅ What does the report show?

The report shows the number of SMSes you sent and the status of the SMS.

✅ Can we download the report?

Yes, you can view and download the report.