5 Things to Consider Before Investing in an IVR Service

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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in an IVR Service

When you contact a helpline number, you’re likely to be met by a prerecorded message that walks you through the steps of finding a solution. An Interactive Voice Response system plays this pre-recorded message (IVR). Because the IVR handles entry-level interactions with clients, it has a significant impact on the initial impression that callers get.

We’ve all used an IVR service and realised that, although some systems are easy to use, others are highly complicated and, more often than not, end up baffling us.

Businesses should keep in mind that when they use IVR services from any supplier, they must provide clarity and simplicity of navigation for their clients. After all, IVR is your clients’ initial point of contact with your company. The goal should be to give seamless, automated help in order to provide a positive client experience.

Here are five characteristics that you should look for in an IVR before making a decision.

  • Is it consistent with your brand’s value system?

An IVR system has been installed to facilitate communication and business procedures. When selecting servers for your company, be certain that its outreach programme will benefit your company.

The IVR should have features such as an automatic response outside office hours, a voice-recording system, holiday availability, and service quality evaluation.It will also be incredibly useful if it is consistent with your brand, what it stands for, and showcases the ideal brand image. After all, a well-designed IVR can make or destroy your business.

  • How successfully can it route a call and the information of a customer?

If a consumer dials the helpline number to enquire about the newest deals on their account and your IVR system directs them to the complaint department, chances are they will avoid phoning the helpline number entirely the following time.

As a result, it is critical that your IVR is capable of routing calls to the appropriate department without leaving your consumer perplexed. Similarly, if your consumers have already submitted all of their information, whether at the start of the conversation or halfway along the process, asking them to repeat it will anger them. A well-designed IVR should also reduce hold time and improve the customer experience.

  • How Good Is It at Analyzing Speech?

When selecting the correct type of IVR service, speech recognition is a vital thing to consider. The ‘one size fits all’ mindset does not work in today’s world. The IVR service should be able to recognise more than just single words and lead customers in the proper route.

An excellent voice recognition system will elevate the issue and deliver a quick solution, resulting in increased inquiry resolutions and better time management. Another advantage of having such a service is that it will point clients in the right route without wasting much of their time.

  • How effective is it at personalising caller information and list offers?

IVR lacks the ‘human touch’ of a representative because it is an automated answer. However, with a well-functioning system in place, this can easily be remedied. When it comes to offering solutions, your IVR service should be as precise as customer care professionals. Personalization within the consumer experience will greatly assist in doing this.

Your consumers should be kept up to date about personalised, future offers and prospective enhancements. An efficient IVR should be able to get a customer’s information and then proceed with tailored communication.

  • Is it averse to sending out direct messages?

Nobody likes to hear information that may or may not be of interest to them in the first place. If your consumers are flooded with commercial spam calls immediately after phoning your helpline, your prospects of providing a successful experience are ruined.

Similarly, if marketing and advertising messages are just broadcast without even addressing a customer’s question, your efforts would be in vain.

This will result in two things:

  • Customer service is subpar.
  • Marketing communication that is ineffective and will benefit neither of the stakeholders.

If your system is configured properly, a successful IVR system will also prioritise calls depending on their worth. Calls from high-value clients, for example, should be prioritised and directed to the expert in the field or the best-suited personnel to handle the inquiry.


Most of the time, the issue is not with the IVR technology, but with the design. Make sure to test your solution as a required requirement. While testing, make it a point to look at and interact with the system’s design from a customer’s perspective rather than an owner’s. Your IVR will then be one level higher.

Also, avoid confusing your clients with several selections. Communication should be clear, crisp, basic, and in easy-to-understand words. Divide the automated speech words into smaller chunks and provide appropriate time between alternatives.

Another critical issue is to maintain your IVR’s design up to date with changing times. An IVR is an improved customer service tool that should be used as such. When it comes to retention, firms that are versatile and creative will benefit in the long term.

Before you proceed, here are some of the reasons why you should invest in our IVR service:

  • Its goal is to provide a comprehensive and seamless customer service experience.
  • It can give clients with additional information that may be useful to them.
  • It can manage high call volumes without losing prospective, satisfied clients.
  • It reduces company expenses by eliminating the need for a huge infrastructure setup.
  • It is an efficient approach to respond to your clients’ demands, both through automated responses and through agents.
  • It aids in the analysis and assessment of data in order to improve customer service and personalization.
  • It increases consumer delight if created effectively and in accordance with the company’s values.

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